BachKhang has been settled business since 2009 and connect with many foreign factories from various country like EU, Korea, India, Pakistan…and develop year by year. We attach special importance to quality of products to patients with our philosophies: “Health of patients is the best important”.


      We’re distributing drugs for insight and outsight of hospital in our country with 40 to 50 brands of drugs. They major in a lot of areas such as: Gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, hepatic, dyslipidemia, degenerative arthritis, muscular, anti-inflamatory, anti-inflamatory injection, analgesics, antibiotics, vitamins and minerals, and various kinds of drugs.

      Health is the best source and worried of human. With these reasons, we notice to distribute all the best line products and services with international quality standards to customers (Hospitals, physicians, and patients).We always supply all new line products within PICS, EU-GMP high technology products from modern factories with latest technologies for the best quality and reasonable priced products not only domestic but also over sea.


      Our company is a specialize pharmacy distributor and obey to MOH seriously about quality, storage, delivery, consult…Beside, we always improve ourselves about resources, experience more and more following development of Multi-countries, connecting: “Researching – Manufacturing – Distributing and Dosage”. Steps by steps we want to be company with manufacturers and customers whose truth expectation: “Good quality – Good Price” and struggle to be our promise with our companies, provide service of contract which is suitable to domestic and foreign company expectations.
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